February 10, 2012 05:06:17 PM



UWS Manhattan


1. The surreal John St pedestrian tunnel
(is it still there?), which was part of my initial introduction to NYC - and sure enough, I went down a rabbit hole as surreal as it was.

In retrospect, the going to heck
that happened afterward
may have been presaged
by a walk through space;
the John St. tunnel, an Alice's Garden.

2. Avant-garde Performance

3. The bronze figurines scattered around Midtown - didn't have time to check the artist's name. They are precious aesthetically, on the mark with their comment, and a humorous delight.

4. A rock in a traffic parkway in the Bronx


2. The spirit of the avant-garde,
without which we would fall right hard,
onto reliance on those things
that, along with stagnant certitude,
pride and ego bring.

4. Because of mystery -
although it might not be seen
as what was intended;
it may be one of those things that sings, when a bell rings,
and things have been upended.

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wendy from manhattan

Pizza isn't the best representative but at least, make it a plain slice without any toppings!

Feb. 17 2012 01:33 PM

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