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The Village


The Chinese Cuban Restaurant art piece.


I have had the pleasure of NYC in my life for over 30 years. The Chinese Cuban Restaurant once was common near my old neighborhood. Perhaps the cuisine was more sorta typical Chinese and typical Cuban, but the atmosphere organically was a for real hybrid. To a guy from Connecticut and his visiting friends from all over, Spanish speaking Chinese waiters theatrically mixing with generous servings of Ropa Vieja, Chick Peas and Sausage and Cafe Con Leche, et al was a sure fire immersion in pleasant surprise. In fact anytime I wanted a pure dose of a truly unique nyc food experience, the melting pot was virtually always a Chinese Cuban Restaurant. The 70's are gone, impossible to replace, real-deal waiters retired and probably too, gentrification had its way. In the process of city-change, the 8th Avenue corridor in Chelsea lost its last such restaurant last year. Perhaps the new Duane Hanson or Edward Hopper could make an art piece to freeze the lost experience, until the new influx of Chinese Cubans find their way back to their new New York City restaurants again.


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thesmop from W.14th Street

Good news. I think they may be back under a new name.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for El Paraiso.

Feb. 25 2012 10:18 PM
Allison from New York

So suprised, and happy, to hear someone mention a Cuban Chinese restaurant. Most people have never heard, yet been to one. I grew up with these restaurants in the Bronx and some of them still exist. The most delicious one is still very popular, but small and often has a wait or you can order take out. Sabrosura on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx!

Feb. 21 2012 11:40 AM

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