February 09, 2012 08:58:28 PM

Beth Shipley




One: Number 31, Jackson Pollock, Museum of Modern Art


It is a bold, elegant, raw and energetic painting that broke all the rules and changed the course of art history. A perfect symbol for the city we love.


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MTZ from Manhattan

NOT FAIR BETH. Not fair.

One day I sat before this painting with conditioned indifference until that day I saw it move. It moved. I moved. And yet I am still here in NYC (not moved) and love that work and the backup at MMA.

Although I am sure that MOMA will without qualm donate this masterpiece to our 10 object museum (and I look forward to that) forgoing MOMA's $20.00 entrance fee demanded of those without time for freebe night.

Good choice.

Feb. 20 2012 07:10 PM

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