February 05, 2012 12:13:18 PM



It all started when I wanted to see how this application that I purchased for my computer worked.

I have been wanting to write for a long time but have procrastinated to just sit and begin. So here I am. I have so much to write about. For example I like short stories because they provide a respite and don’t require too much of my attention. I am after all diagnosed as Adult Attention Deficit Disordered. Oops ADD setting in (as my sister Tite always says when she is losing interest) where am I? Ok I am back. So one short story:

I am sleeping and dreaming that I am trying to get somewhere or to someone’s house. There is a river that keeps me from walking to my destination and as it is, it is a rapidly moving body of water. Everything that surrounds me is beautiful, the water, the river banks, the houses surrounding the edge of the river. I remember not wanting to get wet, so as if there were a new scenario I forget how I get out of the river and I find myself in the home of about 5 women. The house is very neat and clean and I want to go home. I am told that there is no transportation because it is far from any subway. I want to call someone to come and pick me up so I somehow call my friend Hilda. My cell phone is losing power and I only have a short time to make my request to my friend. She does not answer the phone but I leave her a message and somehow I give her directions how to get to me.

Meanwhile I am getting to know these women and find them strange, weird? They all have had plastic surgery on their lips. So when I ask them if this is a fact they don’t deny it and seem very ok with it. Somehow I feel as though my life is in danger because there seems to be a malevolent being controlling these women. Or maybe more than one of these beings. I think they are male but make no appearance. I continue to feel very uncomfortable and thus refuse food offered to me or even a drink of water. I continue to feel the danger within and think that I don’t want to place anyone else in danger, so I call Hilda again to tell her not to come. She I am told she is on her way with her husband Ed.
I wished that I had gotten to them before they left. Shortly they show up to the drive way of the house that I am at. It is very dark outside but their car lights flood the yard. Both Hilda and Ed are talking and laughing as they usually are, and I am afraid for them and want to warn them about the impending danger that lurks as a translucent evil mist.

I am so afraid but in a way relieved that I will be able to leave this unfriendly and dangerous place. I go to the bathroom before I get ready to leave, and when I enter there are two pubescent girls with the most beautiful faces that I have ever seen and one has a scapel and the other one has a paint brush with many different colors on a palette. But what I had not noticed is that there are two other girls whose faces I can not see because they refuse to look up at me. I am horrified because I think that they have no eyes and maybe some more horrid has happened to them. So I want to run but I want to save the girls but I think it’s too late because they are part of the danger and the evil.

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