January 08, 2012 01:44:42 PM



Dear time travel team, In the days before time travel we sat down and laid out four basic rules. One, do not interact with the locals. Two, do not alter history (like killing Hitler or saving JFK, or saving your dog). Three, you cannot choose to stay there, and finally the most important, rule four: under no circumstance make contact with yourself. These rules apply to all of them,, but not to us. I remember the first time I gave myself what I thought was good advice, the usual stuff: study hard, don't smoke pot, hug your grandmother, listen more, make nice friends, don't hang out with so and so. I have no idea if this has trickled down into my forties now. I do go back frequently but my life on this end remains the same, I even brought the numbers of the biggest lotto ticket ever and still nothing changed. Hum. The only plausible explanation is that in the future we decided that these rules also apply to us and are diligently undoing all of the changes we have made to better our present situation. Being that the case, I suggest we stop wasting our time trying to break these rules and go about our business looking backwards but plannig forward. Sincerely yours. A

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