Your Uncommon Economic Indicators

The Brian Lehrer Show wants you to tell us your story, or report on what you see, for this online project. Together, we are building a website of your local stories of economic activity in the New York City area - jobs lost or found, stores opening or closing, good deals on rent, whatever you find.

We want to tell this complex story with the help of your calls, photographs, video and writing. What matters is that we get YOUR stories about the economy from the places you are familiar with. We will choose submissions to air on the show each week so our listeners can hear what you have noticed as well.

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Recent Images of Your Uncommon Economic Indicators

New Year's Resolutions 2010
Repaired Things
Magical thinking
psychics are getting more aggresive
Gift Card Usage
Finding "Money" in the Bible
Make It Rain
Hala Hala Bodega's Uncommon Economic Indicator
Mega Million
conversations snippets overheard
Rotating Basis
8th Street BMT station - April 3, 2009
Jacques: The Wall Street Tailor
A Director offers FREE commercials to busineses!
Breaking News: Camping is Cheap!
42nd Street Rollback
Recession Themed Grafitti
The Office Fridge
Every Fee Counts
How far will you go for $9.00?
A Different Kind of Bailout
Recession Blues
Homeless Bob
Recession Special
I'll Keep my Old Coat
big and bigger
Positive renunciation
Keeping the Change
Smart Spending Good for Biz
One business mocking the bad times
dinner with the ladies
Uncommon Bartering Opportunities in the New Economy
Homemade music, homegrown fun and more family time
Weak Dollar=New Art Market
Bailout: Brooklyn,NY

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