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The Takeaway is an hour-long national news program that relies on the contributions of listeners across the country to deliver the perspectives and analysis you need to understand the day’s news. Host John Hockenberry convenes conversations with both newsmakers and diverse voices, and brings in news leaders from producing partners, The New York Times and WGBH Boston, inviting you to learn more. Be a part of the American conversation on-air and online here at TheTakeaway.org.

The Takeaway is a unique partnership of global news leaders. It is a co-production of PRI (Public Radio International) and WNYC Radio in collaboration with The New York Times and WGBH Boston.

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Our Partners

Public Radio International has been identified as the source for news, information, and cultural insights essential to understanding our interconnected world for over 28 years. On almost 900 radio stations across the United States and on digital platforms that reach millions around the globe, PRI continues to innovate in bringing new voices, global journalism and cultural perspectives to the American public. Through partnerships with trusted media leaders like WNYC, WGBH, the CBC, The New York Times and others, PRI develops solutions to address the critical but unmet needs of today’s media consumers. PRI helps people understand their place in the world and make informed decisions every day by enabling them to "hear a different voice™." For more information about PRI and its programs, visit PRI online at www.pri.org.

WNYC Radio is New York's premier public radio broadcaster. Its stations, WNYC 93.9 FM and WNYC AM 820, are America's most listened-to on public radio. More than one million listeners weekly share in the city's cultural riches and hear the best offerings from affiliate networks National Public Radio, Public Radio International and American Public Media. WNYC 93.9 FM broadcasts daily news, talk, cultural and classical music programming. WNYC AM 820 focuses on breaking news and international reporting. For more, visit www.wnyc.org or follow WNYC on Facebook and Twitter.

The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) is a leading media company with 2007 revenues of $3.2 billion. The company includes The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, 15 other daily newspapers, and more than 50 web sites, including NYTimes.com, Boston.com and About.com. The company's purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment. For more, visit www.nytimes.com or follow The New York Times on Facebook and Twitter.

WGBH Radio engages listeners worldwide through a rich array of on-air, high-definition and online radio services. In addition to co-producing PRI's The World, WGBH Radio offers listeners musical, cultural and public affairs programming, including a 24-hour all-classical HD radio channel as well as streaming audio heard by Web surfers around the globe. WGBH Radio Boston broadcasts on WGBH 89.7, Boston's NPR arts and culture station; WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR Station; All-Classical WGBH HD2; and a variety of on-demand streams and podcasts. For more, visit www.wgbh.org or follow WGBH on Facebook and Twitter.


The Takeaway opening music is composed, produced and performed by Robert Malko and John Blanton (woundedbuffalotheory.com).