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  • Keep the Baby, Get the Chemo

    Only Human

    A young mom learns she has breast cancer. Then, while she's scheduling surgery and planning for chemo, she finds out something else: she's pregnant. 

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  • Governor Cuomo: 'This Is a Societal Crisis'

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Governor Cuomo spoke with us about the need for new gun laws, and what Democrats will have to do to get Republicans to pass legislation.

  • Where the Heck Is Hell's Kitchen?

    New York is a city of neighborhoods — but where those neighborhoods begin and end isn't entirely clear. DNAinfo asked its readers to crowdsource the boundaries, and the results are in.


Will it rain today?
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  • CC Sabathia Heads to Rehab While Yankees Head to Playoffs

    On the eve of the Yankees Wild Card playoff game against the Houston Astros, pitcher CC Sabathia announced he is entering alcohol rehab.

  • Women Will Finally Get Equal Pay for Equal Work in California

    The Takeaway

    Today, California Governor Jerry Brown will sign the Fair Pay Act, legislation that goes much further than any federal measure in ensuring equal pay for equal work.

  • AG Eric Schneiderman Takes on Volkswagen

    The Takeaway

    New York is one of 30 states investigating possibilities of consumer fraud and environmental violations of Volkswagen's environmental deceptions.

  • Christie Reshuffles His Top Legal Staff

    Christie brings experts on data collection and political corruption prosecutions into the governor's office.

  • Was Kunduz Attack A War Crime? Legal Analysts Say It's Difficult To Prove

    Morning Edition

    A medical aid group says U.S. airstrikes on its hospital in Kunduz amount to a war crime. Analysts say an investigation is needed, but diplomatic fallout is more likely than a war-crime prosecution.

Arts and Culture

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  • The One Reason Not to Miss the New York Film Festival

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Filmmaker Pamela Yates profiles legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler for her latest documentary premiering at the New York Film Festival.

  • Roy Lichtenstein Pops into 3-D

    Studio 360

    What if you could go inside a Roy Lichtenstein painting? Famed designer Stefan Sagmeister turns a fashion magazine spread into a pop art fantasia. 

  • Ingram Marshall: A Connecticut Hippie In California

    Meet the Composer

    Ingram Marshall is often called a California Minimalist, a title which, while not exactly accurate, allies him with a loose cadre of artists writing ambient, visceral scores.

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  • A Mixtape Of Russian History In 'Love And Techno'

    Morning Edition

    Anthony Marra's new book, The Tsar of Love and Techno, is a collection of stories playing out over nearly a century of change in Russia. He tells NPR he wants the book to function like a mixtape.

Tech and Media

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  • Hillary Clinton Embraces Her Image On 'Saturday Night Live'

    With the Democratic primary race tougher than the front-runner might have expected, Clinton confronted several of her flaws on SNL. But maybe not the most significant ones.

  • Reducing Yourself To a Sheet or Two of Paper

    Money Talking

    What if resume-writing wasn't a soul-crushing activity?

  • Welcome to 'Only Human'

    Only Human

    A deaf composer gets a shot at hearing again. A woman forgoes her usual treatment. Our host goes through pregnancy and chemotherapy. Listen to a sneak preview of the podcast.

Music for your day

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  • Dan Friel Rattles Sonic Conventions, Again


    The mad scientist of electronic sounds plays music from his forthcoming record 'Life' live on Soundcheck. 

  • Marrow: Setting the Standard with Revitalized Rock


    Made of former members of Chicago's Kids These Days, Marrow performs their unique indie rock live in the studio. 

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Roots Bachata, Booze Music, and Balkan Bhangra


    This week, Moby rocks out, an alternative to internet cats, and sounds from the Balkans, the Dominican Republic, and the London stage. 

  • Baio: A Vampire Goes Dancing


    The Vampire Weekend bassist reveals his dancier, croonier side in a live studio performance.

  • Seinabo Sey: At Home Anywhere, Ruling Airwaves Everywhere


    The singer and songwriter of Swedish and Gambian descent visits the Soundcheck studio to talk about a global childhood and her forthcoming record. 

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