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  • Police Union Blames Mayor, Protesters For Ambush Of Two NYPD Officers

    Morning Edition

    Details continue to emerge about the gunman who killed two New York City police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday. Investigators are trying to determine what drove Ismaaiyl Brinsely to those acts.

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Arts and Culture

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  • Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross On The Sound Of 'Gone Girl'


    For three decades, the Nine Inch Nails leader and Oscar-winning composer has created innovative and abrasive music. He and collaborator Atticus Ross discuss their score for Gone Girl.

  • 12 Days Of Soundcheck: Idina Menzel


    During this season of plenty, Idina Menzel reminds us we can learn to live without.

  • Death-Sex-Money Books: The Full List!

    Death, Sex & Money

    Browse our death-sex-money book list and get inspired for holiday reading. 

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  • John McEnroe's Attack on Elitism

    Here's The Thing

    Once the world's number one tennis player, McEnroe is now trying to save the game from becoming a cult, elitist activity. One step: get rid of line judges.

Tech and Media

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  • Cat Fancy: Farewell, My Friend

    On The Media

    This month the magazine world lost another one of its giants. Cat Fancy Magazine announced that it's ending in early 2015, after 50 years on newsstands and in cat lovers' hearts. 

  • On Letterman, Colbert, and America

    On The Media

    Thursday, December 18th, marked the final episode of the Colbert Report, and the end of Stephen Colbert's fake pundit character. Brooke and Bob bid them both farewell. 

  • Your Morals Depend on Lanugage

    On The Media

    Would you sacrifice one person to save the lives of five others? Your answer may depend on whether you consider the problem in your native tongue or a secondary one.

Music for your day

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