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  • Ray Kelly Remembers the Height of NYC Crime

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    In 1990 there were 2,605 murders in NYC. As part of Brian Lehrer's "25 Years in 25 Days," the former police commissioner discusses the bad old days and what's changed.

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  • Episode 4: Bodega Cats In Their Own Words

    In the latest installment of BCITOW, we meet Nushi, a Sunset Park, Brooklyn, connoisseur of Halal food, and Tiger, the polyglot of Fourth Avenue.

  • Making Sense of 'Yes Means Yes'

    The Takeaway

    California has become the first state in the nation to adopt a "yes means yes" standard for campus sexual assault. 



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  • Queens Wants in on NYC's Tech Boom

    Manhattan has Silicon Alley and Brooklyn has DUMBO. Now, Queens wants to be the next center for tech startups.

  • Solar Schools: NYC Invests $28M in Rooftop Panels

    New York City is taking a "rooftop" down approach to fighting greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Reaching Out to Kids To Improve Relationships with Police

    A "conversation" on police-community relations in Bedford-Stuyvesant was mostly constrained to questions on note-cards. 

  • Trouble at Home: Hong Kong's Path to Democracy

    The Takeaway

    Journalist and professor Louisa Lim explains what it's been like to watch the streets where she grew up erupt in chaos almost overnight.

  • Is Christie's Barnstorming a Preview of 2016?

    The governor will spend up to six days a week until Election Day campaigning for GOP candidates across the country, perhaps serving as a preview of his presidential campaign.

Arts and Culture

Media and Technology

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  • So You Want a Career in Tech?

    The Takeaway

    In the final installment of The Takeaway Job Fair, we consider how students can best prepare for future careers in the increasingly competitive tech industry.  

  • The NSA Has An Advice Columnist

    On The Media

    When employees of the NSA's Signals Intelligence Division need advice about workplace frustrations they can write 'Zelda.'

  • A Doctor Unlocks Mysteries Of The Brain By Talking And Watching

    Morning Edition

    If you have a problem with your heart or liver, the diagnosis will likely be made by a lab test or medical image. But neurologist Allan Ropper says those tests often fail when it comes to the brain.

Music for your day

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  • Paloma Faith: A British Pop Star Goes Incognito In New York


    The brassy-voiced British pop star stops by our studio to perform songs from her latest album, A Perfect Contradiction.

  • Pick Three: Caitlin Moran


    The bestselling author shares a playlist of her favorite songs, and talks about embracing enthusiasm, combating cynicism and coming of age as a teenage girl in 1990's England. 

  • Song Premiere: Agnes Obel, 'Arches'


    The Danish singer-songwriter's deluxe edition of her 2014 album, Aventine, features unreleased songs, remixes and live performances. Hear a brand new song, "Arches."

  • Check Ahead: Foxygen, '...And Star Power'


    The retro-leaning Los Angeles band returns with a wildly ambitious 24-song double album. Hear the album in its entirety before its release on Oct. 14.

  • 'Kind Of Blue' Recreated Note-For-Note


    New York-based jazz quartet Mostly Other People Do The Killing have taken apart the 1959 Miles Davis classic and put it back together, note-for-note.

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