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  • Mark Bittman Tells Us How to Cook Everything Fast

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Treat your freezer like a pantry, have olive oil on hand, and if you live with other people, get them to help. These are Bittman's tips for being a better, more intuitive cook. 

  • Two Comedians Open a General Store

    Studio 360

    H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman want to treat you to a "post-structural shopping experience," starting with a Mystery Sack you can order for $40.



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  • Bellevue Testing a Patient for Ebola

    A healthcare worker who recently returned to New York from West Africa is isolated and being treated by doctors and nurses wearing special protective gear.

  • An Ebola FAQ for New Yorkers

    Surprise — hand sanitizer may work.    

  • Low Blows and Hot Heads Mark New York Governor's Debate

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican challenger traded insults and clashed over the economy, corruption, and race politics during the only scheduled debate of the governor's race.

  • No Friday Night Lights for Sayreville's Homecoming

    Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey held its homecoming ceremony this year between the girls’ field hockey match and the boys’ soccer game.

  • New Airport Ebola Screening: How It Works

    The U.S. is now limiting entry to the U.S. for people from Ebola-affected nations and they'll soon have to self-monitor for symptoms.

NYC 2050

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  • New York City Could Get as Hot as Alabama in 2050

    By 2050, NYC will likely experience 45 days at or above 90 degrees Farenheit. That's a month and a half of sweltering days, which could be deadly.  

  • As Temperatures Climb, So Does the Risk of Blackouts

    As it is, New York City sets a new record for electricity demand every year or two. No one can be sure what 2050 will bring, but if we're not ready, the grid could fail.   

  • Extreme High Tides Could Flood Our City's Streets

    The sea level around Manhattan increased a foot over the past century. By 2050, scientists predict it will climb another 18 inches, making mild storms as destructive as hurricanes.

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  • Forecast Calls for More Rain Than We Can Handle

    Current predictions find the New York City of 2050 will have more frequent heavy rainstorms, which means in a city with an aging sewer system, it's going to be messy.

Media and Technology

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  • You Definitely Need This Condo Pony, And Other Products From 'SkyMaul'

    All Things Considered

    "The Hot Dog Clock" and "The Forever Diaper" are also must-haves. A San Francisco comedy group is once again poking fun at the in-flight catalog SkyMall.

  • The Yarmulke Comes To 3-D Printing

    Using math and imagination, a college professor creates a new kind of kippah.

  • She'd Pay Anything to Go to Space

    New Tech City

    Lina Borozdina took out a second mortgage. Anousheh Ansari forewent motherhood. All either of them wanted was to see earth from above, and the way they tell it, it's worth the sacrifice.

Music for your day

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  • Why Has 'Pure Imagination' Been Covered So Many Times?


    "Pure Imagination" from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory has been reinterpreted hundreds of times by an array of artists -- from Lou Rawls to Fiona Apple to Primus.

  • Eight Must-Hear Bands At CMJ 2014


    Right now, hundreds of bands, college radio programmers and DJs, music industry folks, and fans are descending upon New York City for this year's iteration of the CMJ Music Marathon.

  • James: Ruminating On Life And Death And Pop


    The British band known for its 1993 song "Laid" performs songs from its latest album, La Petite Mort, in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Thurston Moore: After Sonic Youth, A New Chapter Begins


    The Sonic Youth guitarist and his band performs songs from his latest solo effort, The Best Day, in the Soundcheck studio.

  • The Budos Band: The Staten Island Afro-Soul Group Isn't Afraid To Get Heavy


    Hear The Budos Band summon the psychedelic spirit from its new record, Burnt Offering, in the Soundcheck studio.

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