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  • Confronting This Year's Uncomfortable Struggle with Race

    The Takeaway

    From Michael Brown in Ferguson to Eric Garner in Staten Island, black and white America seemed very far apart in 2014. Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on the year and where we go from here.

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  • Posing with Strangers

    Studio 360

    Photographer Jeanne Tullen finds willing strangers to pull into her self-portraits.

  • Mixed Reaction As New York Bans Fracking

    The debate over whether to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been deeply emotional and contentious in New York.




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  • NJ Leaders Call on Cuba to Return Fugitives

    Amid renewed relations with Cuba, lawmakers in New Jersey are calling on the Cuban government to return a Black Liberation Army member who was convicted of killing a state trooper.

  • Embargo or Not, Castro Made a Habit of Visiting NY — Ask Bumpy the Bookie

    Castro honeymooned at the Waldorf in 1948. His 1960 visit, as the U.S. embargo loomed, was a political turning point.

  • Freelancers Union Outsources Insurance

    Some 22,000 members must decide whether to use Freelancers' new partner, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, or shop around for a better Obamacare plan by Saturday's deadline.

  • Back to the Future – Cold War Style

    Money Talking

    If you miss nuclear standoffs and assassination plots, this was your week. A cast of Cold War foes dominated the news cycle. And now the U.S. needs to figure out what's at stake. 

  • NYC Considers Segregated Housing for Violent Prison Inmates

    But activists say it's just solitary by another name.

Micropolis Explores Religion

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  • Rejected by Religion, Saved by God


    When Kedar Powell came out as gay, his religious father sent him away. But his deep faith sustained (and perhaps saved) him, even through homelessness.

  • A War on Christmas? Not in New York City


    In multicultural New York City, even non-Christians get a kick out of the holiday spirit.  Micropolis talks to Aasif Mandvi, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Hasidic Jews from Borough Park.

  • Religious Huckster or Humanitarian?


    Hector the Inventor says he escaped death three times due to divine intervention, so now he's selling homemade inventions—like an "advanced baby walker"—so he can aid the poor.

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  • PR Expert to Muslims: Face Your Haters


    As the Western world continues to grapple with the perceived threats of extremist Islam, American Muslims weigh in.

Arts and Culture

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  • The 2014 WNYC Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    If you own a small business, recommend it to a fellow WNYC fan! We're crowdsourcing a holiday shopping guide by listeners, for listeners. 

  • What Listeners Loved This Week

    Some New Yorkers have no idea it's Christmas time. Kurt Andersen loved a video so much, he watched it twice. Pop music saved the whales. These are the week's most popular stories.

  • 2014's Best Alternative Christmas Tunes

    The Takeaway

    Studio 360 producer and Sideshow host Sean Rameswaram brings us the best alt-holiday music of 2014.

Music for your day

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  • Paola Prestini Charts Global Styles in 'Oceanic Verses'

    Paola Prestini’s style weaves folk melodies and field samples with choral sections reminiscent of some forgotten Renaissance Mass. Stream her album "Oceanic Verses" all this week.

  • 12 Days of Soundcheck: Sinkane


    No need to hang on to that receipt; this recording of Sinkane live in our studio is one gift you'll want to keep.

  • Prince's 'Purple Rain' Is A Timeless, Triple-Threat Triumph... Mostly


    Alan Light discusses 30 years of Prince's master stroke in the new book, 'Let’s Go Crazy: Prince & The Making of Purple Rain.'

  • 10 Imagination-Grabbing, Trailblazing Artists of 2014

    2014 was a busy year for contemporary classical music. Here's our list of the artists that might've slipped your radar, but who caught the attention of the Q2 Music staff in a big way.

  • Stream The 120 Songs We Loved This Year


    In case you're tired of holiday staples, team Soundcheck has compiled our favorite songs of 2014 -- from soulful live performances to the gems you might've missed.

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