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  • Telling Stories With Sound

    Listen in as top movie sound designers discuss what it really takes to create the sound of a film, and the army it takes just to hear a pin drop. This is the first installment of the Tribeca Film Festival's Talk series, recorded exclusively by WNYC.

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  • The Political Gabfest: The Ukraine, You Saw, You Conquered Edition

    Slate's Political Gabfest, featuring John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon, and Jamelle Bouie. This week: Will Dobson on Ukraine, race in America during the Obama presidency, and allegations of rape against Jameis Winston remain uninvestigated.

  • Emotions Run High for Boston Marathon Director Comments [ 2 ]

    The Takeaway

    Boston Marathon director Dave McGillvray has run in 41 Boston Marathons and overseen the past 26. He joins The Takeaway before the most emotional race he has ever prepared for in his career.

  • New Jersey Moms Scramble for Medical Pot Comments [ 4 ]

    Delays in New Jersey's medical marijuana program have desperate parents importing it from other states, and making their own concoctions for young and disabled children.

  • NYPD is Sued by Family of Brooklyn Teen

    The family of Kimani Gray, who was killed by the police a year ago,  is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the NYPD. 

  • China Admits That One-Fifth Of Its Farmland Is Contaminated

    A government report says the land has been poisoned by heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel and arsenic, and concludes that the condition of China's soil offers "no optimism."

Arts & Culture

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  • Will Stratton: Surviving and Singing

    Spinning on Air

    27 year-old singer, songwriter, and finger-picking guitar virtuoso Will Stratton is now feeling well and creating songs, but 2013 was a rough year for him. Stratton was diagnosed with cancer and underwent difficult but successful chemotherapy treatment and surgery. Stratton joins David Garland in the WNYC Studio, with new songs to sing and a survivor's story to tell.

  • Selected Shorts: Romantic Calamities

    Selected Shorts

    Advice for the lovelorn (not) from Patricia Marx, Simon Rich, Miranda July, and Aimee Bender.

  • Last Chance Foods: Flowers You Can Eat

    Violas aren't just musical instruments. They're edible flowers that can fancy up your spring salads and, in ice cube form, help convince your kids to stay hydrated. Annie Novak from the New York Botanical Garden has the details on why and how.

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  • Book News: The Celebrity Of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Also: Exiled Romanian poet Nina Cassian has died; the real title of Hillary Clinton's forthcoming memoir; Gary Shteyngart retires from book blurbing.

Technology & Media

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  • Does the Man Who Shared His Password with the Internet Regret it? Comments [ 1 ]

    On The Media

    Not really.

  • Can New Web Reality Experience Promote Empathy for the Homeless? Comments [ 1 ]

    The Takeaway

    Want to see what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the homeless? One entrepreneur in California is giving portable, wearable cameras to homeless people to record what life is really like when you live on the streets.

  • Ken Burns, Word Nerd Comments [ 1 ]

    Studio 360

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to create new collective nouns for modern types of people — conceptual artists, Trekkies, yoga instructors, and more. The submissions are rolling in from listeners across the country, including one Ken Burns from New Hampshire. Yes, that Ken Burns ...

Music for your day

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  • Conor Oberst, Live At Gigstock Comments [ 3 ]


    Watch Conor Oberst perform and talk about his upcoming album, Upside Down Mountain, live at WNYC's Greene Space.

  • James Vincent McMorrow, Live At Gigstock


    Watch James Vincent McMorrow play live from WNYC's Greene Space as part of Gigstock.

  • Nas: Still 'Illmatic' At Twenty


    Nasir Jones -- the hugely successful and influential rap emcee known as Nas -- is one of the greatest musical voices to emerge from New York City. In a conversation with Soundcheck, Nas reflects on his 1994 debut album Illmatic -- which now being reissued to commemorate its 20th anniversary -- and a documentary film.

  • 'Missed Connections' At Coachella


    Soundcheck brings some of Craigslist's best Coachella-related posts to life.

  • Song Premiere: Timber Timbre And Fiver, 'Curtains?!'


    Timber Timbre's song "Curtains?!" embodies both the unsettling and the alluring as frontman Taylor Kirk sings a tale about a man's secrets exposed. But in an alternate version sung by Fiver (a.k.a. Simone Schmidt), the song takes on a new identity.

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