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Arts and Culture

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  • Staging “Rent” in Cuba

    Studio 360

    The first musical to go from Broadway directly to Havana since the Revolution, “Rent” is perfect for Cuban audiences.

  • How'd A Cartoonist Sell His First Drawing? It Only Took 610 Tries

    All Things Considered

    Tom Toro was a directionless 20-something film school dropout. Then, after an inspired moment at a used book sale, he started submitting drawings to The New Yorker ... and collecting rejection slips.

  • Renovated Brooklyn Theater to Bring Entertainment and Steady Jobs to Flatbush

    After an intensive two-year renovation, the Kings Theatre is open for the first time since 1977. Community leaders hope it will become an "economic engine."

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  • New Year’s Resolution: A DJ Gets Back on the Mic

    Studio 360

    Maria Thornton quit reggae, started a family, and moved to Ohio. But this year, she’s ready to get back into the game.

Tech and Media

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  • I Am a Real Person

    On The Media

    When Time Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer got a call from a telemarketer, he knew the voice on the other end of the line wasn't right. She kept insisting she was, in fact, human.


    On The Media

    "Sweepers" are people who spend their free time entering hundreds of online sweepstakes—the kind most of us think are scams. It turns out, we're wrong. Some people win big.

  • If You're Too Busy to Be Bored, Find Time

    Money Talking

    Boredom in the age of technology is unheard of. There's always a screen somewhere to distract us. But staying so occupied might be preventing us from realizing what matters most.

Music for your day

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