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  • Debunking Conventional Wisdom

    On The Media

    Republicans took the reins of Congress, prompting an outpouring of conventional wisdom that the GOP now actually has to legislate to win in 2016. It sounds right—but is it true? 

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  • What Will Openness Mean for Cuban Artists?

    Studio 360

    As US-Cuban relations thaw, we’re going to get to know Cuban culture much better. And Cuba will get to know us, like it or not.

  • What Listeners Loved This Week

    A pot critic for The Denver Post is pretty creative with adjectives. Space photos are psychedelic. We have some tips for your Cuba vacation. These are the week's most popular stories.



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Arts and Culture

Tech and Media

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    On The Media

    "Sweepers" are people who spend their free time entering hundreds of online sweepstakes—the kind most of us think are scams. It turns out, we're wrong. Some people win big.

  • If You're Too Busy to Be Bored, Find Time

    Money Talking

    Boredom in the age of technology is unheard of. There's always a screen somewhere to distract us. But staying so occupied might be preventing us from realizing what matters most.

  • 9 Things We Learned About Phones From a Teenager

    New Tech City

    Hint: High school is pretty much how you remember it, but the mean girls don't have to look you in the eyes anymore.

Music for your day

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  • Johnny Flynn Hits a New Note in 'Song One'


    The British singer-songwriter and actor joins director Kate Barker-Froyland in the Soundcheck studio to talk about their new film 'Song One,' also starring Anne Hathaway. 

  • Knee-Jerk Reaction: Bjork Unveils 'Vulnicura' Two Months Early


    Just in time for her MoMA retrospective and a series of intimate New York performances, the innovative Icelandic artist has released her latest, Vulnicura, early. But how is it?

  • Andrew Norman, Video Games and the 21st-Century Orchestra at 'Play'

    Andrew Norman’s "Play" reads as though written by a composer unrestrained by any hint of self-consciousness. Stream the Boston Modern Orchestra Project's latest album all week. 

  • Stream 44 New Tunes For The New Year


    With 2014 firmly behind us, there's not much to do but look ahead to the looming tidal wave of records coming in 2015. Stream the songs Soundcheck is most excited about this year.

  • John Darnielle: Master Of Reality

    Ask Me Another

    "Death metal really does come from the heart," says The Mountain Goats frontman and author of Wolf In White Van. In Durham, he plays "The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton."

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