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  • Pesticides, Produce, and Your Health

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    This week's Please Explain is all about the pesticides used in agriculture, their health effects, and whether buying organic matters.

  • Senator Reid Steps Down, Endorses Schumer to Succeed Him

    On the heels of his announcement that he's not running for re-election, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is backing New York Senator Chuck Schumer as his successor.



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  • Improper Gas Work May Have Led to Building Explosion, de Blasio Says


    Gas line may have been "inappropriately accessed," mayor says.

  • How Far One Astronaut Will Go to Age More Slowly Than His Twin

    The Takeaway

    At 250 miles above the earth's surface, astronaut Scott Kelly will experience time a bit slower than his twin brother back home. Meaning, at the end of a 342 day trip, he'll be younger.

  • Could The Germanwings Crash Have Been Prevented?

    The Takeaway

    Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz might have 'hidden' evidence of illness from his employers according to prosecutors in Germany. Pilot and science writer Jeff Wise join us.

  • FLONYC on the Nexus of Poverty, Crime and Mental Illness

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Chirlane McCray spoke at a forum on Thursday on mental health, poverty and criminal justice. WNYC's Brigid Bergin & Cindy Rodriguez talk about the first lady's related work and role.

  • Scrappy Chefs Transform Food Waste Into Primo Grub

    A restaurant takes snout-to-tail cooking one step beyond.

Arts and Culture

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  • The World Through a Photographer's Eye

    The Leonard Lopate Show

     For the last 40 years, Sebastião Salgado has traveled the continents, witnessing some of the major events of our recent history; international conflicts, starvation and exodus.

  • Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

    Studio 360

    Charli XCX skewers social media and Vin Diesel maybe trolls the universe to win the internet this week.

  • Fashions, Farce, and A Swindle

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Rachel Napoleon and Kurt Rhoads, along with Jonathan Banks, discuss the new production of Ferenc Molnár’s play, “Fashions for Men,” set in a high-class haberdashery in Budapest.

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  • Quiz: Are You an Indie Film Superfan?

    Take our quiz for a chance to win a pair of passes to this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Tech and Media

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  • Noah Baumbach Explains Why HBO Dropped "The Corrections"

    Studio 360

    The director Noah Baumbach explains why his adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections" for HBO fell through, and why he may just not be cut out for TV.

  • Church Of Scientology Calls New HBO Documentary 'Bigoted'

    All Things Considered

    The filmmaker of Going Clear, which is critical of the church, says the documentary treats the dangers of "blind faith." Scientology officials have hit back with their own public relations effort.

  • Small Batch Edition: Talking 'X-Files' With Kumail Nanjiani

    On today's Small Batch Edition of Pop Culture Happy Hour, we talk to comedian, actor and podcaster Kumail Nanjiani about the return of The X-Files — a TV show about which he has a podcast.

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