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  • Threats of an ISIS Attack Over Independence Day

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    New York Times foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi gives an update on the latest ISIS attacks and assesses Rep. Peter King's alarm about the possibility of a domestic attack.

  • The Quick Fix That Isn't: Why Another Bailout Won't Save Greece

    The Takeaway

    As economist Daniel Altman sees things, no short-term solution is going to fix the crisis in Greece—and he counts bailouts among those short-term solutions.




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  • Panel Approves Historic Rent Freeze

    For the first time in its history, the city's Rent Guidelines Board voted Monday to freeze rents for roughly 1 million rent-stabilized tenants. 

  • Co-Op City Not Cooperating, Say Regulators

    The board of Co-Op City has been warned by regulators that it's entering a crisis of its own making and could face a non-monetary default.

  • Pedestrians Deaths Holding Steady in NYC

    At the end of June, 59 pedestrians have been killed in New York City traffic crashes, compared to 60 this time last year, despite the mayor's efforts to bring down the numbers.

  • The Fight Over the City's Flood Zones Will Matter for Years to Come

    Make them too big, and homeowners will pay unnecessary insurance premiums; too small, and residents will — once again — suffer.

  • State Board Will Raise Wages of New York's Fast Food Workers

    The board says it will authorize a "substantial" raise, but would not say when the increase would occur or how much it would be.

Arts and Culture

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  • Sideshow Podcast: How a Batman Movie Helped The Wolfpack Escape

    Studio 360

    The seven siblings featured in the new documentary "The Wolfpack" grew up in New York City, but they were shut off from the world. Then they saw "The Dark Knight" and everything changed.

  • Four Radio Stories to Welcome You to New York

    We promise there’s more to New York than cheap pizza and Times Square. To help you orient you, here's four radio stories that'll get you started.

  • Meredith Monk: Creation as Spiritual Practice

    Meet the Composer

    Living legend Meredith Monk is a composer, vocalist, dancer and filmmaker. While all of these descriptors are on point, none quite gets to the bones of who she is as an artist.

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  • With 'Traveller,' A Songwriter Steps Out From Country's Backstage

    Morning Edition

    After years of writing hits for stars like Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton has released an album that's entirely his own.

Tech and Media

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  • Melissa Block Takes On Expanded Role At NPR News

    After more than 12 years anchoring All Things Considered, senior host Melissa Block is moving into an expanded role as special correspondent with NPR News.

  • What Divorce by Algorithm Means for Marriage

    Note to Self

    Why one online divorce start-up might spell change for family law writ large. In other words: Silicon Valley thinks Gwyneth Paltrow might be onto something.

  • An App that Weeds Out Nightmare Roommates

    The Takeaway

    In a city where individuals scraping by often share apartments with three or four other people, roommate horror stories are all too common. A new app seeks to change that.

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