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  • The Balance Between Playing Hard and Playing Dirty

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    George Vecsey, former sports columnist for the New York Times, discusses Chase Utley's suspension and the MLB's stance on dangerous play.

  • The Hard Truth About Cops Who Lie

    A WNYC investigation found more than 120 cops with documented credibility problems, and many of them remained on the force. What is the NYPD doing about it?


Will it rain today?
What’s going on in the world right now?


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  • Your Sanity or Your Kidneys

    Only Human

    Jaime Lowe started taking lithium when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17. But now the drug that has kept her sane for more than 20 years is also making her sick.

  • Find Your Kid's School for 2016

    Middle school and high school admissions are underway and SchoolBook is here to help.

  • Mets Beat Dodgers to Take 2-1 Lead in NLDS

    Curtis Granderson drove in five runs with two doubles off the wall, Travis d'Arnaud and Yoenis Cespedes homered, and New York's dangerous bats busted loose for a 13-7 victory.

  • Poll Finds Affordability a Serious Problem

    Seventy-four percent of people say the middle class is feeling more economic insecurity than ever before in a Public Agenda/WNYC poll.

  • Giants' Daniel Fells Could Lose His Foot Due To MRSA Infection

    The New York Giants dedicated their Sunday night win over the San Francisco 49ers to Fells, who is in the hospital suffering from a MRSA infection.

Arts and Culture

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  • Sideshow Podcast: The Internet Is Forever

    Studio 360

    For his final episode, Sean Rameswaram traces the path of creative work he has personally posted online, from blogging to sketch comedy videos to a truly ill rap posse that he reunites.

  • Carol Burnett

    Here's The Thing

    The comedy legend tells Alec Baldwin how nudists dance, and why Miss Hannigan looked so determined.

  • When A Pancake Is More Than A Pancake

    The Sporkful

    Sporkful listeners in family food feuds call in for advice on eating pancakes and cookies, but it turns out these domestic disputes are really about love. And also pancakes and cookies.

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  • The Present and Future of Cabaret

    Four nights of cabaret performances, from the music of World War II to the Rolling Stones.

Tech and Media

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  • 'Playboy' To Stop Publishing Nude Images

    The magazine said it is making the change as a result of competition from the Internet.

  • Our Justices, Our Selves

    On The Media

    Cultural depictions of the Supreme Court can shed light upon the walled-off world of the justices. But does the court derive power from its inaccessibility? 

  • Smile My Ass


    As Candid Camera succeeded, it started to change the way we thought not only of reality television, but also of reality itself.

Music for your day

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  • Live In-Studio: CocoRosie

    Studio 360

    Sierra and Bianca Casady lived all around the United States, but reuniting in Paris helped them find their sound as the band CocoRosie — and what a weird, wonderful sound it is.

  • Dan Friel Rattles Sonic Conventions, Again


    The mad scientist of electronic sounds plays music from his forthcoming record 'Life' live on Soundcheck. 

  • Hear A New Single From Courtney Barnett Produced By Jack White

    Barnett's new single, featuring a new song plus a moody cover of The Boys Next Door's "Shivers," comes out Oct. 16.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Roots Bachata, Booze Music, and Balkan Bhangra


    This week, Moby rocks out, an alternative to internet cats, and sounds from the Balkans, the Dominican Republic, and the London stage. 

  • Seinabo Sey: At Home Anywhere, Ruling Airwaves Everywhere


    The singer and songwriter of Swedish and Gambian descent visits the Soundcheck studio to talk about a global childhood and her forthcoming record. 

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