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  • What Are We Giving Up for the Convenience of Technology?

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Factory robots, self-driving cars, and digitized medicine make our lives easier. On the other hand, they might be stealing our souls.

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  • Episode 4: Bodega Cats In Their Own Words

    In the latest installment of BCITOW, we meet Nushi, a Sunset Park, Brooklyn, connoisseur of Halal food, and Tiger, the polyglot of Fourth Avenue.

  • The Rhinestone Cowboy's Final Recording

    The Takeaway

    John Schaefer, host of "Soundcheck" and "New Sound" on our partner station WNYC, reviews Glen Campbell's final recording.



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Arts and Culture

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  • 'Gone Girl': A Missing Wife And A Cloud Of Suspicion

    Director David Fincher's excellent adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl relies on stellar performances and ultimately on a diabolically twisting narrative structure.

  • Apartheid Through the Eyes of One of South Africa’s First Black Photojournalists

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    In the mid-1960s, photojournalist Ernest Cole risked his freedom to reveal the realities of life under apartheid. A new exhibition celebrates Cole's work. 

  • Caroline Shaw Lives Life Beautifully: I. Garden Variety

    Meet the Composer

    Caroline Shaw took violin lessons all her life. But after college, she spent a year alone wandering around Europe and began following a slightly different path.

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  • Pick Three: Judah Friedlander


    The comedian and '30 Rock' actor shares a Pick Three playlist, plus he tells us about the song he finds funniest and shows us his competitive ping pong shoes. 

Media and Technology

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  • The Strange, Split 'Selfie' Pilot

    ABC's new comedy Selfie doesn't have a good pilot. It has half of a decent pilot, however, and it has intriguing signs that inside of it, trapped under the dumb parts, there might be a good show.

  • When Will Lego Art Grow Up?

    Studio 360

    Lego-based art is suddenly ubiquitous — Ai Weiwei's new installation uses 1.2 million of them. But why is it so visually unimaginative?

  • MacArthur Genius Fellow Battles Black Carbon

    The Takeaway

    According to the MacArthur Foundation, Tami Bond’s work "has the potential to unlock the role of energy in our climate system and to help millions breathe cleaner air."

Music for your day

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  • Paloma Faith: A British Pop Star Goes Incognito In New York


    The brassy-voiced British pop star stops by our studio to perform songs from her latest album, A Perfect Contradiction.

  • Pick Three: Caitlin Moran


    The bestselling author shares a playlist of her favorite songs, and talks about embracing enthusiasm, combating cynicism and coming of age as a teenage girl in 1990's England. 

  • Song Premiere: Agnes Obel, 'Arches'


    The Danish singer-songwriter's deluxe edition of her 2014 album, Aventine, features unreleased songs, remixes and live performances. Hear a brand new song, "Arches."

  • Check Ahead: Foxygen, '...And Star Power'


    The retro-leaning Los Angeles band returns with a wildly ambitious 24-song double album. Hear the album in its entirety before its release on Oct. 14.

  • 'Kind Of Blue' Recreated Note-For-Note


    New York-based jazz quartet Mostly Other People Do The Killing have taken apart the 1959 Miles Davis classic and put it back together, note-for-note.

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